Put Away Your Ladder! 5 Reasons to Avoid DIY Gutter Cleaning in West Hartford

May 8, 2020

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Visit any hardware or home improvement store and no doubt you’ll see lots of tools for DIY gutter cleaning in West Hartford. While the job might seem simple enough, there are many reasons why it’s best to leave this work to the pros!

Before you drag out your ladder and garden hose, you might note a few simple but vital reasons to call a West Hartford pressure washing company for professional gutter cleaning instead. It’s also helpful to consider a few tips for keeping your gutters and home’s exterior clean throughout the year. This information will ensure your house is protected from water damage while also keeping it looking its best year-round.

West Hartford Gutter Cleaning is Dangerous!

While you might consider renting or buying long-handled hoses and other tools for cleaning your home’s gutters, the only way to ensure a thorough job is by inspecting those gutters while they’re being cleaned. However, being on a ladder is dangerous enough; trying to balance yourself while using a trowel, hose, and other equipment makes it even more precarious!

gutter cleaning services in west hartford

West Hartford gutter cleaning becomes even more dangerous if you should use a pressure washer or even a hose with a pressurized wand. That pressure might knock you off the ladder very easily, leading to serious injury and damage to your property. To avoid these risks and keep yourself safe on the ground, call a power washing company in West Hartford instead!

Residential Gutter Cleaning is Harder Than It Looks

It’s easy for a homeowner to assume that gutter cleaning simply involves scooping out built-up “gunk” and other debris, but this job is often harder than it looks. When exposed to harsh sunlight, mud and grime tend to harden, making it difficult to simply scoop these residues from a home’s gutters.

Gutters are also typically full of wet materials including leaves, twigs, and even standing water. Trying to scoop standing water and messy, muddy silt is also difficult and cumbersome! Not only might you struggle to remove all that debris thoroughly but it’s not unusual for homeowners to create messy splatter under and around the gutters during the cleaning process.

A West Hartford pressure washing company typically uses specialty detergents designed to dissolve thick mud and other debris. Their high-quality pressure washing equipment also makes quick work of washing away thick, dried dirt or wet, messy debris, without leaving behind an even bigger mess!

Gutters and Roof Eaves Need a Proper Inspection

Clogged gutters allow for standing rainwater, which roofing shingles and other materials tend to absorb. Water-damaged shingles tend to buckle and curve or crack and crumble away. Standing water also increases the risk of mold, moss, mildew, and algae along roof eaves and shingles, leading to roof damage as well as a very unhealthy outside environment!

gutter cleaning in west hartford

Thick, heavy “gunk” also tends to pull gutters away from their connectors, creating gaps underneath roof eaves and risking bent or fallen gutters. If gutters are not overly dirty but still hold standing water, this might also indicate the need for larger gutters or more downspouts, to accommodate typical rainfall in your area.

A professional West Hartford gutter cleaning company ensures a proper inspection of gutters, downspouts, roof eaves and shingle edges, and gutter connectors. He or she might recommend roof washing, needed gutter repair, or larger gutter installation, to ensure your home is not just clean and pristine but also in good condition!

Avoid Property Damage With Gutter Cleaning in West Hartford

Heavy-duty pressure washing equipment, the wrong nozzles and detergents, and improper techniques all risk severe property damage! Using too much pressure during gutter cleaning in West Hartford easily loosens gutters from connectors, tears shingles from the roof, and peels paint away along roof eaves and edges. If you were to accidentally aim the pressure washing nozzle at a nearby window, you could also easily shatter that exterior glass or shred a window screen!

Too much pressure also means lots of splatter and a resultant mess, especially along exterior walls and windows. To avoid the risk of property damage and ensure a thorough job without creating an even bigger mess than you started with, rely on the pros for West Hartford gutter cleaning!

Pros Make Quick Work of West Hartford Gutter Cleaning

One last reason to avoid DIY gutter cleaning in West Hartford is that the job often takes far longer for homeowners than for professionals! Not only is gutter cleaning messy and cumbersome but without the right surfactants, tools, and techniques, it can take hours to get done.

Professional pressure washing contractors in West Hartford make quick work of gutter cleaning, using the right detergent or solvent for the levels of dirt and grime found at every job. Bringing years of cleaning experience to the job also means making quick work of gutter cleaning, easily rinsing away dirt, mud, sand and silt, and even thick storm debris. You can relax and enjoy your Saturday afternoon when you call the pros for West Hartford gutter cleaning rather than trying to tackle this job on your own.

Tips for Maintaining Your Property Between Gutter Cleaning Services

Regular West Hartford gutter cleaning is an excellent choice for ensuring gutters and downspouts are clean and clear and directing rainwater away from your home. However, you might consider some additional tips for keeping a home’s exterior clean and in good condition between gutter cleaning services!

One vital consideration is regular exterior house washing, to remove storm residues, soot, air pollution, residual smoke from a nearby barbecue or grill, and growing mold. House washing helps reduce the risk of exterior water damage along brick and siding while also improving outdoor air quality!

Roof washing and wood fence and deck pressure washing are also vital for ensuring these materials are in good condition. Algae eats away at asphalt roofing shingles while growing mold creates cracks and splits along wood surfaces. Roof washing also reveals torn or cracked shingles, or other areas of needed repairs.

Consider these pressure washing services when you schedule gutter cleaning in West Hartford. Your entire property will then be in good condition and looking its best, and you’ll enjoy your outdoor spaces throughout the year without the worry of exterior mold and mildew or unsightly water stains around your deck or patio area. You’ll also save the time it takes to pressure wash a deck or driveway and know this work is in good hands when you leave it to pressure washing pros!

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