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Our staff are locally trained and selected based on the typical power washing needs in West Hartford and surrounding towns.

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Save money in the long term with our professional power washing company to help maintain your home or business.

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West Hartford is a blossoming community! We are proud to provide gutter cleaning and power washing to West Hartford and greater Hartford!

Our Extraordinary Pressure Washing for Decks and Fences

Amazing Fence Power Washing

First impressions matter, and fences that boarder your home are the first thing people see from afar. Fences are made of the same building materials as decks, usually wood or composite materials. Since they are in direct contact with plants like grass, bushes, and other shrubs, the damage from algae and mold could be far worse than on other surfaces. Proper maintenance for includes pressure washing fences, which will help you avoid having to prematurely replace your fence. West Hartford Power Washers is prepared to handle your pressure washing needs with top quality service!
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Why Pressure Washing a Deck is Important!

Decks are most often made of made of redwood, cedar, pressure-treated woods, composite material or even PVC. There are several reasons why you should consider cleaning and power washing a deck. Power washing a deck helps maintain the integrity of the stain or sealant used on the wood or building material. If you are considering refinishing your deck, pressure washing will provide a clean surface for the finishing product (stain, paint) to adhere to. Without proper deck cleaning, the finishing product will not be as effective in both its integrity and appearance.

Don't Wait Until Problems Get Worse

Decks are subject to considerably amount of rain, wind, and wide temperature fluctuations in West Hartford. Rain brings a moist environment for mold, algae and slime to accumulate in a variety of temperatures which will literally eat away your deck. Pressure washing a deck is the simple and inexpensive solution to clean your deck while preserving it. Finally, let's talk about appearance. When you share your home with your friends and family for a backyard barbecue, don't you want them to feel comfortably in your outdoor environment? Power washing is the perfect way to clean your deck this summer.
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Have other pressure washing or exterior cleaning needs?

There are many other exterior surfaces and items that West Hartford Power Washers is equipped to help you clean. Here are some other most commonly power washed surfaces: garage floors, stairs, walkways, porches, awnings, automobiles, lawn mowers, patio furniture, camping equipment, and boats. ​
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Hands down the best pressure washing service around. I own a few two family homes in West Hartford and these guys got decades of caked-on dirt and grime off the siding. When I drove by, I didn't even recognize my own buildings! Think twice before replacing your home's siding and try pressure washing with West Hartford Power Washers first. They saved me a ton. Thank you!

- Alex Beaupre

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Other Services Available

Home Pressure Washing

Houses should be power washed at once per year, otherwise dangerous conditions could impact your investment.

Commercial Power Washing

Power washing your business attracts new and returning customers. Learn about our professional pressure washing.

Expert Gutter Cleaning

Drainage is important to protect your home or business against heavy rains in West Hartford. by channeling water appropriately.

Quality Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is essential to preventing harmful bacteria eating away at the glass and avoiding window replacement.

Enhance the beauty of your property with exterior power washing services that are second-to-none.

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