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Why Clean your Gutters?

Believe it or not, gutters are one of the most protective features to your properties exteriors. The environment is in constant motion around us no matter the season. The average annual rainfall in Connecticut is around 44.84 inches, so expect that in addition to the several feet of snow will that likely pile up around and on your West Hartford home each year. Gutters are the first defense against this threatening flood of water; without them, your home is subject to severe damage to its roof, siding, and structure. The end result: a hefty bill that you probably don't want or need. A simple routine West Hartford gutter cleaning allows water to be properly channelled away from your property and prevent a much more costly outcome.
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gutter cleaning services in west hartford

What's Clogging a Gutter?

Storms are common in Connecticut, and winds in West Hartford have reached speeds of over 100 miles per hour. These winds blow small sticks, leaves, dirt, and other debris everywhere, including your gutter and drainage systems. Amongst this build up, a West Hartford gutter can be a cozy home to small animals, such as mice and birds. Their nests can be further responsible for clogged gutters. Although bird watching and caring for small wild animals is great, don't let your home become theirs for too long! Use a local gutter cleaning service regularly. Our experts recommend gutter cleaning for West Hartford residents at least twice times per year, at the end of Spring and Fall.

Why Our West Hartford Gutter Cleaning Service

Never had your gutters cleaned? It's time. A professional gutter cleaning service, such as West Hartford Power Washers, removes the large clumps of debris first and then flushes water through your gutter system. If the water doesn't drain or drains slow, it may indicate that the downspout is clogged. If that happens, we can safely disconnect the element causing the gutter problem or fish a snake tool to remove the blockage. The result is a perfectly clear system that drains water away from your home as it's designed to. West Hartford Power Washing provides free quotes on gutter cleaning.
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Hands down the best pressure washing service around. I own a few two family homes in West Hartford and these guys got decades of caked-on dirt and grime off the siding. When I drove by, I didn't even recognize my own buildings! Think twice before replacing your home's siding and try pressure washing with West Hartford Power Washers first. They saved me a ton. Thank you!

- Alex Beaupre

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