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We take staff training very seriously and only employ professionals on our West Hartford window cleaning and gutter cleaning job.

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Save money on combined services when you call West Hartford Power Washers. We offer low prices for quality cleaning services.

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By using a local and family owned power washing business, you help our society's marketplace and enhance our community!

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​Clean Windows Make Better Homes and Businesses!

We don't put much thought into windows, but they are what allow us to see inside and outside of our homes and businesses. It's nice to see clearly out into the neighborhood on a sunny day and admire your property's landscape and our beautiful West Hartford community. Dirty windows can make your home or business look aged and uncared for, and actually has other consequences. Dirt can shorten the life of your windows and reduce the heat efficiency of the glass. During Spring, tree covered properties are under constant attack of relentless pollen creating a disgusting yellow film on the exterior and windows. Also, an expert West Hartford window cleaning  can identify the correct cleaning needs for various types of glass. West Hartford power washer's window washing service staff are trained to know which kinds of cleaners are appropriate for your property and can help you determine if there are other services that you may need.
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Hire professional West Hartford Window Cleanings or DIY?

It sounds easy; get a bucket of warm water, squirt some soap in, stir it around, wipe it on your windows and dry them off... Right? First off, doing that is likely just spreading around dirt and bacteria, resulting in scratched glass and more surface area for bacteria to thrive. Simply put, there isn't a one size fits all answer--every window is made differently. Ask yourself, is it worth the effort to gather all the window cleaning supplies (scrapers, squeegees, t-bars, buckets and cleaning solutions)? For an affordable price, West Hartford power washers can wash your windows in just a few hours. We can also provide other useful information about your windows, such as their life expectancy, efficacy, efficiency, and more. We recommend a professional window cleaning every year, especially mid to late Spring. Call West Hartford Power Washers today to schedule services!

Commercial Window Washing

It's the first impression that counts, and clean windows will increase a customer's perception of your business, a tenant's respect for their apartment, and positively influence an employee's work ethic. Hiring a professional commercial power washer or window cleaner in West Hartford for your business will pay for itself. Ask yourself: are you going to clean your business windows yourself? If the answer is no, then more than likely the task is on a list that some kid you hired last month is assigned to do a couple times a year. You'll have to pay employees to do it, they won't do a good job, and they certainly won't put in the effort that a professional window washing service would. We feel that the everyday appearance and reputation of your business is worth more than that. If you agree, get in touch today!
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Hands down the best pressure washing service around. I own a few two family homes in West Hartford and these guys got decades of caked-on dirt and grime off the siding. When I drove by, I didn't even recognize my own buildings! Think twice before replacing your home's siding and try pressure washing with West Hartford Power Washers first. They saved me a ton. Thank you!

- Alex Beaupre

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Other Services Available

Home Pressure Washing

Houses in West Hartford are prone to seasonal elements. Power washing your home reduces detrimental effects.

Commercial Power Washing

Apartments are businesses as well as homes. Regular power washing will increase tenants' respect for your property.

Expert Gutter Cleaning

Rainwater needs a place to drain. If your gutters are clogged, costly damage to your home or could result.

Quality Window Cleaning

Don't let you windows get damaged by harmful bacteria. Get a FREE estimate on professional window cleaning!

Enhance the beauty of your property with exterior power washing services that are second-to-none.

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